A well-maintained boiler can last for up to a decade or longer, and even if you have an annual boiler service, the older your boiler, the harder it will be working to heat your home. A decrepit boiler that isn’t working as efficiently as it should is unlikely to be cost effective, and in a worst case scenario could be a danger to you and your family.

So when should you think about replacing your boiler? Could you delay it for a bit or do you really need to start looking at some cost effective solutions? Here are 10 tell-tale signs that you should consider a new boiler installation sooner rather than later:

#1 – Your boiler is older than 15 years

The average boiler lasts for 15 years. Routine maintenance, for example an annual boiler service, can prolong the life of your boiler beyond 15 years, but technological advancements mean that a lot of upgrades now available won’t be available for your boiler model. These upgrades are things like switching on your heating from your phone!

#2 – Your boiler has a low energy efficiency rating

Newish boilers come with an efficiency rating which is rated from A to G, that demonstrate how energy efficient a boiler is. But what does your rating really mean for your boiler?

An A-rated boiler is the highest performing rating and the most energy efficient, at more than 90% efficiency. A G-rating however means that your boiler is operating at less than 70% efficiency. Upgrading from a G- rated to an A-rated boiler can save you hundreds of pounds on your energy bills in the long run.

#3 – It takes a long time for your house to heat up

This is a red flag showing that your boiler needs replacing or your boiler needs repairing. Modern boilers should be producing heat almost instantly, so if you find you have to wait a bit longer for your house to feel warm, or for your water to come out hot, it might be time to think about getting a replacement.

#4 –  The pilot light is yellow instead of blue

If your boiler’s pilot light burns with a yellow flame, it could be a sign that your boiler is leaking carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas, which makes it difficult to detect as you can’t see or smell it.

Carbon monoxide is very hazardous to health and if you boiler is emitting it at low levels  can show itself in flu symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and nausea. However, with greater exposure breathing difficulties and carbon monoxide poisoning can occur.

Although there may be a number of subtle signs that your boiler is emitting carbon monoxide you should consider installing a carbon monoxide detector which will sound an alarm.

#5 – Your boiler needs repairing a lot

If you find yourself having to always reset or top up the pressure in your boiler, it may be time to replace it.

A new boiler can seem like a lot of money but if you really think about the hassle, cost and inconvenience that comes with constant repairs it may be worth it.

If you find you always have to call an engineer to fix your boiler that seem a bit more serious than general maintenance, you might have to consider a new boiler.

#6 – Parts are hard to acquire

If your heating engineer tells you that it’s becoming more difficult to source the necessary parts to service or repair your boiler, then this can increase the cost of your service plan or engineer call outs. Older boilers are more difficult to repair due to manufacturers going out of business and simply less of that make and model around.

#7 – Your house just doesn’t feel warm

If your house feels cold even with the heating switched on, then it could be your boiler that’s the problem.

It’s important that you get someone in who knows what they’re doing to look into why your home isn’t heating up as it should, for example a Gas Safe engineer, but assuming that your radiators are functioning properly, a cold house can show that your boiler is not up to the job of properly heating your home.

#8 – Your fuel bills are increasing

If your energy supplier is increasing your direct debits and your energy account is no longer in credit, this could be a clue that you should switch to another energy provider. However it could also mean your boiler is wasting your money that instead could be spent on better investments.

Switching to an energy efficient boiler can potentially save you up to 30% on your energy bills, so if your fuel bills are on the up, it could be your boiler that is responsible.

#9 – Your boiler makes funny noises

If your boiler is making funny noises, it’s obvious something is up. Your boiler firing up is a sound you acclimatise to, until the day when it doesn’t sound like it should.

It could be anything causing the bizarre sounds that shouldn’t be coming from your boiler once you switch the heating on, but these noises usually are down to wear and tear of the parts.

Whatever it is that is causing the noise, it’s important to get your boiler checked at the by a professional engineer to ensure it’s safe. If you find yourself getting the engineers round more often, it could be more cost effective over time to invest in a new model.

#10 – Your boiler is making a weird smell

Another indication that your boiler might be emitting carbon monoxide is a subtle smell.

Despite carbon monoxide being odourless, you may find that your boiler gives off a faint smell if it isn’t burning properly. Another sign are dark marks around the casing of your boiler. If you can see any dark marks on your boiler, you need to take immediate action.

Does your boiler need replacing?

If your boiler is only in need of a service this year, or perhaps a minor repair, our team of fully accredited engineers work across the Preston area and beyond and are on call 365 days a year.

If you’ve noticed that your boiler definitely does need replacing, and you’re after new boilers in Preston, visit our website.

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