People want entertainment when they are having a drink down their local, which is why we often find pool tables, screens, background music and arcade machines or quiz machines in many pubs.

When you are looking at fitting out your pub you want to make sure that you have enough to please its punters. You want to know when all the big sporting matches are on and make sure you have the subscription to the sports channels ready and waiting.

The arcade and quiz machines are a little harder to fit though, because you need to know what kind of thing your punters will want. Some may want simple fruit machines and others will enjoy being tested on the latest general knowledge and winning a prize from their own cleverness rather than taking a gamble.

The main pro of a quiz machine is the fact that you don’t always have to purchase a gambling licence to have one in your establishment. They are known as ‘skill with prize’ machines because they are fed around 50p to £1 and pay out up to £50 on the skill of the user. The alcohol licence your pub and cafe has allows you to operate one or two category C and D fruit or gaming machines so you can usually get a machine on your existing licence.  Some skill with prize machines don’t even require you to have a gambling licence at all, so you can install two amusement with prize machines and a number of quiz machines with the alcohol licence you already have, another bonus!

There are a lot of quiz machines around but the most popular is the Paragon. This features a high resolution, scratch resistant 22 inch LCD monitor, JCM note acceptor, multipoint locking system, improved airflow to maximise cooling and an integrated bar locking system. It also can feature GPRS connectivity, ticket redemption and broadband if required and can be updated regularly so it has the latest game menu with titles like Mine Sweeper, Whack a Rabbit and Trivia Tubes. The GamePack SMART Games software, which can be found on the latest Paragon quiz machines, is usually updated 3-4 times a year. The Paragon is one such machine that doesn’t require a licence.

One or two arcade or quiz machines in a pub can draw people in and get them spending more time than they originally planned to spend in your pub, always a good thing if it means more punters for your business!


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