It is now somewhat an investment to buy a new central heating system, new boilers are not something you buy on a whim, so there is a need for boiler finance deals.

Here, we understand that and that is why we have made it very easy for you to pay. If you are not keen to buy your boiler on finance, we have an affordable and simple one-off payment.

At APG Domestic Services, we offer a range of inexpensive finance options of 10% deposit and 0% APR to suit every budget. Boilers can save you up to £350 per year, £590 if you have boiler insurance as it would be no longer needed as most boiler now come with a fully inclusive parts and labour warranty. Warranty periods range from 2 to 12 years with 7 being the most common. Now you can spread the payments over 12 months with just 10% deposit and 0% APR.

Combi Boiler Finance

Are you looking for the best combi boiler finance, a reliable central heating system and a trusted boiler company? APG Domestic Services is the right place to come. On the best combi boilers, we offer interest free boiler finance which is sure to give you peace of mind. It is worthwhile to know what will best suit you before you go for a boiler deal. You need to know why you need a Combi Boiler because there are so many types of boilers out there. The simple answer is because they are considered the most efficient and the latest boilers in the world right now with a compact size that can even befit into a cupboard. You are now in safe hands with our range of reasonable monthly payment choices with just 10% deposit and 0% APR.

Gas Boiler Finance

Do you even know why you need gas boiler finance? It helps a lot when getting a new gas boiler. This becomes relevant if you are unable to pay upfront for boiler installation. We have numerous boiler installers offering some very eye-catching boiler finance deals. Our package enables you to start paying for your boiler with little cash spread over 12 month period with no added interest. Take advantage of our Finance Packages:

  • 10% Deposit
  • Affordable monthly payment
  • Save up to £350 per year*
  • Up to 12 years manufacturer’s warranty obtainable

Oil Boiler Finance

Millions of households are not connected to a gas network in the UK. Consequently a key alternative of getting required heat for your home is through an oil-powered central heating system. At APG Domestic Services, we understand that installing an oil boiler can be very expensive and as a result, we have deduced an affordable oil boiler finance system that fits your home. If you cannot afford the upfront costs of buying a new boiler, you don’t have to worry yourself as you can spread the cost over a monthly payment plan with 0% interest.

If you want to save on energy costs, don’t qualify for the government’s free boiler scheme, looking for means to spread the cost of your boiler, then consider calling us on 01772 697166 or by contacting us today and you will be glad you do.

Boiler Payment Plans

The upfront installation and cost of a new boiler can be very expensive for most of us. Monthly payment for new boiler becomes the best option. We have boilers on finance payment plans that are flexible and affordable. The cost can be spread over a set number of months or years which allow you to pay for your new boiler with no stress attached. Our payment schemes are the best and they are second to none. All we need is your personal details and you will enjoy our easy payment plans that pay for itself.

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