Gameover Coffee owner Eduardo Monteiro is hoping to branch out to a new venue in Cambridge.

The local businessman has successfully built up the first coffeeshop in the nearby town of Longstanton and is looking to expand into Cambridge itself.

The new shop will, much like its predecessor, feature arcade machines, tvs with home consoles and gaming beanbags. It will also sell movie and games merchandise and video games for xbox and playstation consoles. According to Eduardo he hopes that he can accommodate more ideas into the new venue as the Longstanton shops too small.

He said that the idea of the venture came following travels around the world when he was working as a developer for Disney and Cambridge based games development company Jagex. Gaming lounges are quite popular in Asia and South America but they are few and far between in the UK. He claims that the Longstanton shop was a good place to test the concept but it would probably be enahcned by taking it to the city centre.

If successful in obtaining a lease in his desired area Eduardo will be moving into a fast-changing area of Cambridge, as the nearby Grafton Centre is reportedly due to receive an £18M refurbishment.


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