The news hit last week that Sheffield is to retain its position as the home of the World Championship snooker host until at least 2027.

The tournament has had its spiritual home at The Crucible since 1977 but with the contract set to expire next year, four other countries were bidding for a move. The city was hoping to retain the tournament as it brings an estimated £50M boost to its economy and it has had linked to the sport for many years.

Thankfully World Snooker and Sheffield Council agreed a deal that will allow the event to stay in its long standing home in South Yorkshire for the foreseeable future. The tournament is a major event iwht over 350 million people watching from across the world, and The Crucible’s limited capacity of just 1,000 people was one of the things that was prompting a move. However World Snooker chief, Barry Hearn said it was a simple decision to keep the tournament in its existing venue.

He said: “The atmosphere is wonderful, no other event in the world has hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide but only has 980 viewers live.

“That is what makes us British, doing weird and wonderful things.”

In addition to the contract meaning that snooker will stay in its spiritual home, it includes an International Trade Partnership which will see the city promote itself to investors at over 17 events on the World Snooker Tour held outside the UK.


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