You may be thinking a coach holiday is just for old fuddy-duddies, but this simply isn’t true. Here we take a look at the statistics.

You may have always thought of a coach holiday as a bit old-fashioned, something only old folks did. If you think this you’re definitely missing out on what we can now demonstrate is a very mixed demographic. It turns out that people of all ages and backgrounds go on coach holidays, and we can now put that old stereotype to rest.

We asked several people who had recently travelled on coach holidays about their age, whether they were travelling alone, and how they felt about the experience overall.

Statistically, the amount of females outnumbered the males in that out of all the passengers, only 34% were male and 66% female. Out of these, 54% were in the 56-70 age group, 20% were 46-55, 12% 31-45 and 11% were over 71 years old. Only 2% were aged between 18 to 30. So maybe there is a large percentage of the older generation on board, but certainly not as much as you thought.

Going it alone was a big factor, with 76% of people saying they had travelled with a singleton aboard their coach, and 92% of people said they would feel a lot more comfortable travelling alone on a coach for the first time. Travelling alone on a coach certainly has its benefits in that you have the security and sociability of being in a large group. There are also special Single Traveller holidays where only single people are allowed meaning you don’t get stuck with a load of couples or big groups people where you are excluded.

After going on a coach holiday, 71% of people said they made new friends on their trip, and 4% said they even began a romantic relationship with someone they met on a coach trip! If you do feel you would like to widen your circle of friends, take the plunge and look at coach holidays in Preston. There’s a good chance you’ll make lots of new mates, and maybe even bring home a new partner.

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