Our friendly team of trusted engineers based in Lytham means you’re always guaranteed the APG first-rate experience. In addition, all of our engineers are based locally to you. As well as servicing your boiler, our service engineers will also check that your boiler complies with the latest safety regulations..

Here’s what to expect from an APG engineer:

  • Thoroughly inspect, clean and adjust the burner controls and all component parts of the boiler for dependable operation and maximum efficiency.
  • Replace parts as required, in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Inspect oil storage tank and sight gauge, check for water if suitable valve fitted, and report any defects.
  • Clean all unit flue ways and combustion chambers.
  • Check the operation of the water circulator pump and lubricate externally if required.
  • Check the operation of the time clocks, room and boiler thermostats and other electrical controls and report any defects.
  • Check and tighten, if necessary, all accessible oil pipe connections.
  • Inspect chimney flue ways and advise if sweeping is necessary (Sweeping not included).
  • Check and clean oil filters and fire valves.
  • Carry out efficiency tests where possible.

To book your next boiler service in Lytham, contact APG Domestic Services now.

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